4 Eco-Conscious Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf

Choose Artificial Turf

An artificial lawn is composed of sheets of synthetic grass overlaid onto a specially prepared base of bedrock and sand. When installed properly by our experts, modern artificial turf is virtually indistinguishable from living grass. Not only that, synthetic grass is far more easy to maintain. No more mowing, bagging, or watering ever again.

As surprising as it might seem, replacing your seeded lawn with artificial turf is actually the eco-conscious decision to make. That’s right – synthetic grass is better for the planet and the environment than a living lawn.

Here’s why.

1. Water Conservation

Water is without a doubt the most precious resource in Australia. We are the only desert continent in the world and each year the amount of rainfall we receive nationwide seems to further diminish. Maintaining a healthy, green yard is an increasingly arduous task as water restrictions become more and more strict.

Even with rainwater tanks, gardens turn yellow and die each summer with bare spots that only seem to grow larger each year.

The answer? Replace your lawn with an artificial one and never water again. Without that insatiable thirst for water in your garden, you can not only conserve water, but also reduce your monthly bills.

Even with harvest rainwater stored in tanks, you can repurpose that into different uses, such as washing your vehicles, refilling a swimming pool, and more.

2. Mowing & Maintenance

Another aspect of real lawns that is detrimental to the environment are the machines that are required to maintain them. Whether powered by petrol or by electricity, lawnmowers leave a carbon footprint. If you mow like most average Australians,  then you are running your lawnmower for an entire working week each year. That’s forty hours of petrol emissions into the air.

Now consider all of the other pieces of equipment required to keep your garden and lawn sharp and clean, such as blowers, whipper snippers, and more.

3. Fertilisers & Chemicals

Most of the sprays and fertilizers that you get from the department store are made from chemicals. These require extensive effort in factories or farms to produce, that have a secondary cost. The amount of water needed to supply a fertilizer factory is astounding, as well as, the amount of waste that cannot be used in the primary product.

Chemicals all come with secondary effects that are harmful to the environment and native wildlife.

4. Production of Artificial Turf

The production of artificial turf has been refined into an eco-friendly process. Technology and innovation has not only improved the quality of synthetic grass, but also how it is made. In addition, many of the materials required to create artificial grass are recyclable and reusable meaning nothing needs to get wasted or thrown into a landfill.

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Termiturf is the only choice for artificial turf and synthetic grass for Australian lawns for both homes and businesses. Our team of experts will guide you through all of the different options and choices to help you select the perfect artificial grass. Homeowners nationwide have made the choice to remove the annoyance of mowing, bagging, and maintaining their yards for the ease and convenience of synthetic grass.

Contact Termiturf today for more information by calling 1-300-550-604. Be sure to request a free, no obligation quote to match your lawn.

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