5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass

Question #1: How much does artificial grass cost?

There are different varieties of artificial grass that are designed for different budget levels. More realistic synthetic grass is going to cost you a bit more. In addition, another important consideration in determining your cost is the size of your lawn. If you’re simply covering the nature strip, then your costs are going to be significantly lower than outfitting a full back garden.

Contact one of the team at Termiturf to request a free quote based on the dimensions of your garden and the types of artificial grasses you’d like to consider.

Question #2: How long does artificial grass last?

The answer to this question varies as Artificial grass, like normal grass, will last a differing amount of time based on the usage. At the minimum, artificial turf will last at least five years and perhaps as long as a decade. Heavy usage, like sports or tyres, can damage an artificial surface just as it might natural grass. Synthetic grass though is far more durable than real grass and will resist the same amount of punishment far better.

If your artificial grass is damaged, then it can be repaired or replaced section by section.

Question #3: How do you clean artificial grass?

General cleaning, such as sweeping away debris and leaves, should be done as required and can be accomplished with a broom or soft rake. In the event you need to disinfect your artificial lawn, because of any unfortunate accidents or an animal dropping, then you can quickly and easily clean it with a solution of warm water and any household detergent, such as dishwashing soap.

Question #4: How do you fit artificial grass?

Artificial grass is quite easy to install. When the area has been properly prepared for the rolls of artificial grass, you must start with a base of compacted road base. Make sure that you have a natural contour to avoid a perfectly flat lawn that will inevitably look fake. Next roll out the sheets of artificial turf with care, to match up any gaps between the rolls. Finally, weight with sand and spread with a stiff broom, remembering to pin the perimeter & along any joins.

For best results and to ensure that you cannot see a seam between rolls. Using one of our professional turf installers will help you to achieve a natural and seamless finish.

Question #5: What is the best artificial grass?

This is another question that has different answers, because the best artificial grass for your neighbour may not be the best grass for you. Each person defines ‘best’ in a different way. There are different options based on how much money you want to invest, the amount of wear and usage you anticipate on your artificial turf, or the size and scope of the lawn you want installed.

The best way to find the ideal lawn for you is to contact our team of artificial turf experts.

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Termiturf is the first choice for artificial grasses and turf for Australian homes and businesses. Our team of turf experts will help guide you through all of the options and choices of selecting the perfect artificial grass. Thousands of homeowners have made the choice to remove the annoyance of mowing, bagging, and watering their yards for the ease and convenience of artificial turf.

Contact Termiturf today for more information by calling 1-300-550-604. Be sure to request a free, no obligation quote to match your lawn.

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