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Why Choose TermiTurf for Artificial Grass in Brisbane

Sick of mowing the lawn? Or, has the Brisbane sun reduced the vibrancy of your lawn? Don’t stress, because at Termiturf Brisbane we offer a natural lawn alternative with our premier synthetic grass products! For the perfect blend of design, colour and low-maintenance – it is time to consider artificial grass.

Living in Brisbane, you want your yard to withstand the heaviest of rains in winter and the harsh rays of summer. Our products are designed for Australian conditions; holding colour and as you’ve never seen before.

For new projects big and small, and for Brisbane homes looking to revitalize their composition, it is hard to go past this product. Our professional installation service ensures that the material will live its best life, and you will not be spending hours maintaining the outdoor space. Whether it is a new property or just a little bit of a backyard makeover, let Termiturf help.

An investment in an area of artificial grass is not one that will be short-lived. All products we offer, of different styles and sizes, will last for years to come. Not only will your investment in this product allow you more free time, but it will continue to look great for the foreseeable future.

Brisbane Synthetic Lawn Specialists

Offering a product and service like no other, our team at Termiturf Brisbane knows what it takes for a commercial or residential property to look great. With decades of combined experience, we have been able to create a product and installation technique that focuses on efficiency.

Anything you need, from the consultation phase to the installation, we can help. Our expert advice will help you select a product and a format that suits the Brisbane conditions, and more importantly, your lifestyle.

Without being limited to Australia, our applications are capable of withstanding severe conditions all around the world.

Artificial Grass Low-Maintenance Low Stress

One of the reasons the property owners of Brisbane keep coming back to the Termiturf product is just how time-consuming natural lawn can be. Constantly watering, mowing and weeding with no guarantee that the lawn will look lush, can be exhausting. Our artificial grass products are low maintenance without sacrificing aesthetics.

To ensure that you have time to complete your other household maintenance tasks, or even better, enjoy some recreational freedom, install some Termiturf high-quality artificial grass!

The product is safe for children and comfortable to walk on, without the allergies of natural lawn, making it perfect for homes with young families!

Artificial Lawn Variety

All of our products are designed to look like the real deal. Your brand new artificial grass won’t look fake or out of place. To any passing eye, you will have the image of vibrant and lush grass all year round.

The products we offer come in different blade sizes and have a low sheen that doesn’t reflect the sun or look overly artificial. We also provide all Termiturf synthetic lawn products in two-meter and four-meter rolls, which gives our happy customers a chance for smaller applications without a higher cost. Our team can help you select a product that matches your home design and style, without drawing away from the building itself.

Our range of different styles allows you to choose a product which will best suit your budget and lifestyle, our Brisbane Termiturf team can offer you expert and unbiased advice about all of our revolutionary products.

With a no-obligation free measure and quote available, you can consider all costs and materials before making any decisions about your property’s future.

A Diligent Service
Not only do we supply a unique product to the Brisbane area, but we also provide an efficient installation service aimed at longevity and functionality. It is essential that you use our professional installation service to install your brand new synthetic grass. This way you minimise the risk of improper installation that can result in water damage.

We cut no corners during this process and undertake all of the necessary considerations to ensure that you are getting the very most out of this new application. With years of experience installing artificial grass in several different styles and formats, we have been able to curate a process that is both fast and incredibly effective.

We know these materials better than anyone and understand all of the considerations that need to be made for particular property types and the Brisbane climate! To ensure that your new lawn is a long-term solution, call Termiturf today!

Looking after the product!
Your Brisbane property can benefit from artificial grass for years if you ensure that you look after the product in the following few ways.

Brushing – To remove dust, grime, small twigs and leaves, a quick brush with a broom in a single direction will ensure that the blades aren’t bent or damaged, while keeping the surface clean and safe.

Spills – If you are having a BBQ in the Brisbane sun and spill some beer on the lawn, or the kids accidentally knock over a soft drink when playing outside, you needn’t worry. A quick spray with a garden hose will remove any sticky substance and ensure that there is no color change in the product.

Weeding – Although uncommon, very small weeds may sprout through the lawn, or around the edges because of trapped moisture. All you need to do is carefully pull them out as you would when weeding a garden bed.

Collection – If your lawn space is under large trees, or you have had some strong winds come through your area, you may find yourself with a few branches (or other debris) coating your lawn space. If this is the case, simply remove the objects to ensure that they don’t permanently damage the individual blades by applying pressure for too long.

The most important trait of an artificial lawn is its ability to drain water. All our products are designed to be able to handle heavy downpours of rain in Brisbane. With small drainage holes, your grass product will function just as regular lawn would.

At Termiturf, we assess the drainage function of every property before we complete the job. If you are worried about those heavy Queensland rains, never fear, your Termiturf artificial grass will hold up in those conditions!

What are you waiting for?! Call today!

Artificial Grass has quickly become one of the more popular market options for businesses and homes alike in Brisbane. If you want to join the low-maintenance and good-looking party, call Termiturf today. Our friendly team can guide you through this process ensure that everything is thought of and put your mind at ease during the installation phases. To ask about our products, or to request a call-out to your Brisbane commercial or residential property, call Termiturf today.

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