Artificial Grass in Upward Trend

Goodwood Display Area

Use of synthetic grass and artificial turf for landscape and leisure sports uses for residential and commercial property projects represent approximately 5-10% of total materials produced.

Landscape and leisure sports uses are the fastest growing segment of the synthetic grass and artificial turf market, blossoming at 30 to 35% annually.

The largest “user” of synthetic grass and artificial turf in the US is the New York City Parks and Recreation Department; responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of hundreds of city park properties.

Many asphalt play areas are now complimented by soft, green surface materials that decrease injuries and increase the look and feel of the area.

Though driven by the sales of a hundred million square feet of sports turf annually, the synthetic grass and artificial turf market is becoming very popular for use as another surface materials for a broader range of applications in landscape and leisure sports for the residential and commercial property market.

Decreasing the use of chemicals and water while increasing the use and appeal of a landscape area drives consumer demand. Bottom line – in the hands of professionals – it delivers.

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