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artificial grass

Artificial turf has been used in residential and commercial landscaping since the mid-1960s. However, the kitsch, emerald green synthetic lawn of yesterday is a far cry from the incredibly realistic artificial grass solutions available nowadays.

Designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment, and available in a range of turf styles and textures, modern artificial lawn offers amazing opportunities for landscaping that would otherwise be impossible to maintain in the dry Australian climate.

Why should you choose Synthetic turf?

Realistic artificial lawn can be utilised for a wide range of landscaping needs, and offers a fantastic array of benefits.

  • Always green
    Whether you’re looking for artificial grass Brisbane, artificial turf Perth, or artificial turf Canberra, with top quality artificial grass solutions, you’ll have lush and green lawns all year round – no matter how hot your backyard gets.
  • Easy care
    Forget watering, mowing or fertilising – your synthetic turf is incredibly low maintenance, so you can get on with enjoying your lawn, rather than taking care of it
  • Tough and long-lasting
    The keen heat can wreak havoc on natural grass, but shady and high-traffic areas can be just as tricky to maintain. Synthetic turf is perfect for shady or hard-to-grow areas, and will last years with minimal care.
  • Family-friendly 
    Say goodbye to grass-stains, prickle-weeds and allergic reactions. Artificial grass is a great pet-friendly and family-safe option, so your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors at any time of year.

Landscaping ideas

Of course, artificial turf is well known for being convenient and low maintenance – but most importantly, it can look amazing aesthetically. Here are some ways you can use synthetic grass in a myriad of creative applications.

  • Outdoors/ indoors
    Want to promote greater flow between your living and entertaining spaces? Why not bring the outdoors indoors with artificial turf? Lay realistic synthetic lawn to hide your ugly old patio and make your barbecue area like new again, sweeping right up to bridge the gap between your outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Bold elegance with patterns
    When you don’t have to worry about tedious tasks like mowing and edging and watering, your lawn can open up a world of possibilities. Want something other than a big, beautiful green square in your front yard? Perhaps a little pattern will liven up your frontage, for the ultimate street appeal. A larger-than-life checkerboard effect can be bold and striking, while retaining an elegant sophistication.
  • Penthouse yard
    Craving a taste of nature from your apartment balcony? A few potted plants will add life to your small outdoor space – but a thick, lush-looking lawn (zero mowing required) will provide the kind of whimsy that will make you want to sit out and watch the city go by, while feeling the soft grass between your toes.
  • Poolside paradise
    Lucky enough to have your very own pool in your backyard? Looking to update that space and spend more of your time enjoying some fun in the sun? Swap tired decking or worn pavers with grass that’s vibrantly coloured and soft to the touch. It will make your poolside space the ideal place to lounge all year long.
  • Creative/ sculptural
    Do you have a taste for the avant-garde and unusual? The sky’s the limit when it comes to your synthetic lawn landscaping; so don’t feel restricted by the confines of the earth. In fact, why stop at ground level, when you can let your garden grow into something far more creative?
    Imagine soft grassed couches and armchairs taking pride of place in your yard, or sculptured, topiary-style works of art sprouting from beneath your feet. If you can imagine it and build the infrastructure underneath, you can swaddle it in artificial turf.

Who says gardens with artificial grass can’t compete with the real thing? Visit the Termiturf website today to find the right instant turf solution or call 1300 550 604 to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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