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Installation Checklist

Materials Required For Installation

Tools Required For Installation

Installation Procedures


Step 1. Mark out the area for your new Termiturf installation. Apply a suitable herbicide to any lawns within the marked area and allow the label recommended period of treatment time to elapse before continuing.


Step 2. Remove all dead grass and foliage from within the required area and excavate to a depth suitable for your selected Termiturf.

Step 3 Installation

Step 3. Lay and level rubble or similar road base material.


Step 4. Compact road base using a petrol driven compactor ensuring the finished surface is flat and even. Check drainage falls away from the home and finished bases is at a suitable height to accommodate the installation of the Termiturf.


Step 5. Lay Termiturf to the required area. Where joins are necessary, ensure the two pieces match by checking that the grass is running in the same direction. Cut turf to size.


Step 6. A suitable joining tape should be used to ensure joins do not open in the future due to soil movement or similar. When joining, make sure blades of turf are folded back so they are not glued down during this process. 

Step 3 Installation

Step 7. Galvanised flat head nails should be nailed at 300mm intervals along any joins and around the entire perimeter to ensure the Termiturf is held in the correct position.


Step 8. Evenly apply fine dry sand to a suitable thickness (6-10 kilograms per square metre or to a depth of 10-15mm depending upon style selected). Use a stiff broom to ensure sand is brushed well into the base. Blades should stand vertical when finished. You may now choose to apply a light sprinkling of water with your hose which will greatly improve the presentation of your new Termiturf lawn by bedding down the filler sand and removing any dust.

*Illustrations not to scale

Disclaimer We would always recommend that the installation of your new turf be carried out by an experienced installer with knowledge of our product. We can not guarantee the results by utilising this guideline. No representation or warranties are made, or should be implied regarding the above information nor is this information intended to be a comprehensive guide for your installation process.

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