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Termiturf is a quality synthetic lawn designed to give you a wonderfully lush and soft feel all year round without watering, mowing or fertilising. Get your weekends back whilst maintaining a sensational looking lawn.

Termiturf comes in 4 metre and 2 metre wide rolls allowing for less joins and a more natural looking finish. A large majority of competitor products are narrower in width. Simply put, wider rolls mean fewer joins which reduces installation time and creates a more seamless appearance.

Depending on your location, we offer on-site consultation to take into consideration design options and assess specific installation needs of the property.

Any existing grass or paving within the proposed landscaped area will need to be removed and a compacted base installed. Termiturf is then laid onto the compacted base. Any joins are sealed with self-adhesive joining tape and secured with pins at a minimum of 300mm centre spacings around all edges and joins.

Fine filling sand is brushed into the Termiturf to help keep the blades upright and to weigh it down.

We can supply the complete service and take care of all the physical work. This means you get a quick and professional installation by our accredited installers without any worry or hassle.

Yes, absolutely. It’s possible to lay Termiturf directly onto most existing bricks, pavement or concrete. We strongly recommend one of our experienced installers assists you with this to get the best result
Termiturf comes with a 10 year warranty that covers against premature fading or ripping
For its outstanding quality, Termiturf is very price competitive. Speak to us about an obligation free quote for either supply and installation or supply only.

Termiturf has been designed using superior materials to suit Australia’s harsh and hot summers. For this reason, we provide a 10 year warranty against premature fading.

At the height of summer, in very high temperatures and after long hours in direct sunlight, the Termiturf may become hot. In these conditions, you are unlikely to be spending a lot of time outside on your lawn. Even in the hottest conditions it will not dry out and die like standard grass. Unlike paving, it does not retain heat and cools down very quickly once in shadow.

Yes. It has been installed in many schools and playgrounds. In most situations it is used to replace standard grass that has either not survived or gets so wet and muddy that it cannot be used. Kids and adults can play their normal games as often as they like without wearing out patches as they would with grass. With Termiturf, you will not get those hard to remove grass stains on clothing.

No more prickles and grass seeds to groom out of fur coats. As for any mess, firstly clean up any excess as you would a traditional lawn area and then simply wash away the remainder with a watering can or hose. Your pets will enjoy the feel of Termiturf and are unlikely to dig holes due to its durable backing and sealed joins.

The backing of the Termiturf is perforated allowing water to drain. In heavy downpours, there may be some pooling but in most cases, the water will dissipate very quickly once the rain stops. Another advantage of Termiturf is that it dries out rapidly without leaving the puddles or mud that you get with grass. The kids can be back playing outside and will not bring mud or wet grass into the house.

Yes. Many people choose Termiturf as a pool surround as you no longer have the problem of grass clippings messing up your pool and filter. We have also tested against prolonged exposure to chlorinated pool water and did not observe any fading or discolouration.

We place great emphasis on proven quality and durability. Our product is made with superior materials and to precise standards by some of the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturers. With more than 20 years’ experience, their products are used in over 72 countries and in over one million successful installations. In addition their sporting turfs are certified by FIFA.

This is the best part, unlike the grass you may have just replaced, you no longer need to fertilise, mow, edge or most importantly water. We recommend an occasional “brushing” or “brooming”. This will help the blades to remain upright and keep the soft feel of the lawn. Leaves, dead flowers or sticks from surrounding gardens can easily be removed by hand or with a leaf rake or blower-vac.

Not to the extent that occurs in grass or paving. Some types of weeds may seed in the Termiturf infill sand. From our experience, these are simply removed by pulling out or by raking.

Generally, it would be OK but we would not recommend leaving your barbeque permanently on Termiturf without some form of base. Barbeques can create messy fat overspray or drips and these potentially will detract from the appearance of your Termiturf.

The blades and backing of Termiturf are non-absorbent but to keep your Termiturf looking its best, it is wise to remove spillage as soon as possible. Liquids such as beer, wine, juices or soft drinks are not a major problem and can easily be wiped or hosed off with cold water or, if these persist, with warm soapy water.

In a worst case scenario and if there is permanent damage to the Termiturf from a spillage such as acid, a new piece can be installed to replace the affected section.

To access the relevant area simply cut your Termiturf and roll it back. It is easily sealed and pegged back into place when the work is completed.

Other questions? You will find us very open and honest when it comes to any questions you may have about Termiturf. Please do not hesitate to contact us about anything that has not been addressed in this document

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No watering. No mowing. Low maintenance.

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