How Easy Is It To Maintain Artificial Grass?

Some may argue, but one of the most attractive things about installing artificial turf is the fact that the amount of maintenance required is significantly less than that of a real lawn.

Never again will you have to worry about watering, mowing or fertilising your lawn. However, to ensure that your synthetic turf stays looking as good as it did the day you installed it, you’ll need to perform some regular maintenance. We’ve listed a few maintenance tips below to help you keep your synthetic lawns in the best shape possible.

How to Clean and Maintain your Artificial Lawn

How often you need to perform the maintenance tasks on your artificial turf will depend on your particular home situation.

As an example, outdoor pets, children, or a significant amount of trees and shrubs, will require you to clean your lawn more often than homeowners without it. Take into consideration the area in which you live also. As dusty regions may often prompt you to give your artificial lawn a rinse more often.

General Maintenance

Most homeowners will give their artificial lawn a spray down with the hose. However, it is not always necessary. You be the judge. By spraying your grass fibres with a hose will help remove any dust and debris that has accumulated. More thorough synthetic grass cleaning should be undertaken on a monthly basis and will help keep your lawn green, clean and inviting. To remove dirt, dust, leaves and other debris, use a broom with stiff bristles and a flexible lawn rake. When choosing a stiff brush, ensure that you don’t get one with steel bristles as this can prove to be damaging to artificial lawn.

By going over the lawn with a rake or brush is an efficient way to maintain the artificial grass blades in an upright position and prevent the lawns infill from compacting. Keeping in mind that this level of maintenance may need to be done more often if you have pets or a lot of shrubs that lose their leaves.

Removing Pet Waste from Your Artificial Lawn

If you’ve got pets, you may be wondering if artificial turf is a pet-friendly option. You can rest assured that synthetic turf is perfectly suitable for pets, with a little extra maintenance.

If you have pets, a simple wash down of the artificial turf with the garden hose will help eliminate any mess. Keeping the area clean and odour free is simple with a range of products available, this means that you can eliminate any odours with a quick treatment of the area.

If you’re looking for the best service and advice in artificial turf, give the team at Termiturf a call today. An expert can work with you to create an artificial turf solution for you.

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