How long does Artificial Turf last

Committing to pull up your lawn and replace it with something more permanent can be daunting. However, we are here to tell you that the benefits of artificial lawn will save you time, water, and also provide you with an aesthetic for years to come. Just how many years? Well, it varies, but you can rest assured knowing that your new artificial lawn will last for a long time!

Some research shows that these materials can go as long as 20 years without fading and losing their composition. However, how long your lawn will last is dependant on a few things:


Put simply, how much traffic your artificial lawn is subject too will affect its lifespan. If your area is prone to entertaining, pets or children playing constantly, the blades are more likely to be damaged or bent over time. However, this takes time, as the material is designed to withstand immense pressure.

Sun Exposure

If your artificial lawn is constantly exposed to sun, the colour may begin to fade. Often, this takes years. However, it can start to affect what your lawn looks like. Although this won’t affect the strength and durability of the material, it will affect the aesthetic. Yet, there is no need to stress, because, for some owners of artificial lawn, this only happens after ten years, and some even longer.


Depending on your local climate, the lifespan of your artificial lawn may increase or decrease. Designed not to absorb water, the material can withstand harsh winters well. However, some areas are subject to flooding and harsh winds which can potentially damage the individual blades. Similarly, in an area that experiences large heat waves, the lawn can become hot and faded if this is consistent year after year. If you think you are more likely to experience these conditions, you should review your warranty for the material.


Different services offer different warranties, which can be a good gauge as to how long the material is designed to last. For example, Termiturf has a great trust in the durability of the products we offer. With a five-year installation warranty and a ten-year product warranty, you can assume that your material will last for at least a decade in most situations. Similarly, the aspects of the installation that are underneath the materials are expected to preserve for at least five years.

An artificial lawn isn’t susceptible to diseases like a natural lawn, and will not be destroyed by weather, excessive pressure or a lack of water. Although after ten years (or in some cases 20) you may start to notice fading or damaged blades on your artificial lawn, you can expect this material to maintain its composition for years to come.

To find out more, or request a quote on artificial turf, give the experienced team at TermiTurf a call to get the process underway.

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