How Much Time Will It Save Me by Installing Artificial Grass?

Keeping your property’s lawn in tip-top shape throughout the year is not only time consuming but is also costly. Whether you hire a professional or care for your lawn yourself the cost of equipment and treatments can easily start to mount up.

Unfortunately, most of this hard earned money is spent in vain as the odds of being able to maintain the lawn you’ve also dreamed of, is a challenge. Factor in aspects such as poor drainage, sheltered areas of lawn, pets and children. Despite all of your best efforts, your lawn may still look dry and patchy.

The benefits of having an artificial lawn are numerous. Besides the obvious benefits such as no longer having to mow the lawn, no more mess, and a cleaner, secure environment for the family to enjoy all year round, there are also many money-saving benefits that mean choosing artificial turf is a great financial investment.

We have listed some of the ways artificial grass can save you money and prove to be an excellent property investment, that will not only add financial value to your home but also save you with the costs of ongoing maintenance costs that a real lawn requires.

Save On Water 

It may seem like an obvious point. Artificial grass will save you money on your water bill, but few know how much.

During a typical Australian Summer, the typical residential lawn will require around 25mm of water every week. For the average sized garden, of around 50 square meters, this is equivalent to 1, 250 litres of water every week!

With artificial lawn, there is no watering involved apart from the occasional spray down for cleaning purposes. As you can imagine this certainly makes a difference to your annual water bill.

No More Maintenance Fees 

Not everyone has a professional to maintain their lawns, but if you are in the position of not having the time or your area is too large to handle, you probably do. Those that have a professional know just how expensive it can be.

Your artificial lawn will need next to no maintenance, and any that it does require can quickly be done yourself in little time. You could be saving yourself around $1000 per year, just by installing a synthetic lawn.

No More Harsh Chemicals 

Unlike a real lawn, artificial turf doesn’t require the need for added chemicals to keep it looking pristine all year round. The cost of pesticides, fertilisers and weed killers all starts to add up, not to mention the time spent applying these treatments. With artificial lawn, you’ll not only save money but also avoid all of the toxic chemicals that come with them. Artificial turf guarantees your family and pets a 100% non-toxic and completely safe environment to enjoy.

If you’re looking to make the switch to an artificial lawn, look no further than the experts at Termiturf. With an array of synthetic lawn options, there is something for every lifestyle. Give Termiturf a call today!

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