Is Synthetic Grass Suitable for Pool Areas?

Spending your summer days around the pool with friends and family is one of the many joys of living in Australia, and because of this, homeowners often pay particular attention to the details of their outdoor living spaces. For those who wish to have grass surrounding their pools, we have listed some considerations to take into account when determining which is the better option for your pool area, natural or artificial?

Maintenance and Care

Healthy and beautiful grass can be the perfect addition to your property’s landscaping, whether around a pool or other areas of your yard. However, while most of us associate grass with playing outdoors and having fun when we were younger, as adults, most of us now connect natural grass with work…and lots of it.

Conventional grass requires regular weeding, mowing, fertilising, watering and aerating. As you can imagine these things, all take up a lot of time and effort and is often not a guarantee that your grass will be all that you wish it be. Since the time spent doing maintenance could be better spent enjoying your swimming pool, it is a great reason to forgo natural grass.

You may wish to consider artificial turf, which allows you to enjoy the aesthetic appearance that natural lawn provides without the high level of maintenance.

Synthetic turf requires you to only pull the occasional weed or spray it down to remove dust periodically, but this low maintenance option offers a host of benefits while requiring little care.

Consider the Traffic Around Your Pool

An essential aspect to consider is the amount of traffic the area around your pool is likely to receive. Also take into consideration the higher amount of foot traffic during the warmer months, meaning that you’ll need a suitable ground cover that has the ability to withstand while remaining attractive.

High traffic flow can make well-worn and noticeable paths in natural grass, but this is not an issue with artificial turf, which is engineered to handle heavy traffic.

With a swimming pool also comes splashing, diving, and climbing in and out of the pool and in turn can introduce a lot of water to the ground around your pool. Too much water can be a bad thing for grass and most plants, but an artificial lawn can handle excessive water just fine.

Synthetic lawns permeable backing allows water to drain so that you don’t have to worry about puddles. Another bonus is that you won’t carry any unwanted grass clippings into your pool water, which saves you time skimming the pool.

Save on Water Bills 

Lastly, one of the biggest things you will want to take into account when choosing between artificial and natural grass is that your swimming pool requires a lot of water. These days, we need to be sure we are always mindful of ways that we can conserve water. Meaning that you may wish to look at low-water landscaping options for the area of your pool. Artificial grass is a fantastic alternative to natural grass,   and requires no water!

If you’re looking for expert advice in artificial turf, give the team at Termiturf a call today. With branches in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide, the Termiturf team has over two decades of experience in the artificial turf business.

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