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Why Choose TermiTurf for Artificial Grass in Adelaide

Artificial and synthetic grass has long been a popular choice in Adelaide. With the states harsh and sometimes unpredictable climate as well as the sporadic water restrictions, Termiturf’s range of quality artificial grass can enhance any Adelaide residential or commercial property.

With the benefits of artificial grass gaining the attention of many Adelaide residents, the demand for synthetic lawn has skyrocketed in recent years. At Termiturf, our artificial grass is specifically designed to be your answer to natural looking lawn, without the ongoing and costly upkeep. Our extensive range of artificial grass for our Adelaide clients will provide you with the luxury of a low maintenance garden, meaning you can spend less time maintaining it and more time enjoying it the way you’re meant to!

All of our artificial grass options are strong, durable and long-lasting, making them perfect for every Adelaide application. Our high-quality and sustainable materials are guaranteed to endure even the harshest of weather conditions, meaning your property’s landscaping will look stunning all year round!

At Termiturf Adelaide, we take great pride in our products proven quality and durability. Made with the finest materials and to the highest standards of synthetic turf manufacturers, you can count on us to deliver.  With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve installed thousands of artificial lawns all over Australia.

Using Artificial Lawn Means, Bye, Bye Maintenance! 

At Termiturf, we have helped hundreds of Adelaide residents say goodbye to the never-ending and costly maintenance of looking after lawn. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a replacement for your existing lawn or you want to install artificial lawn in your newly developed residential or commercial space, you can rest assured that Adelaide’s trusted Termiturf professionals will exceed all expectations!

Artificial Grass Styles 

At Termiturf, we will work with you in selecting the most attractive and suitable artificial grass that will effortlessly enhance your garden or outdoor space. Our range of attractive styles will suit any budget without compromising on quality.

At the Adelaide Termiturf branch, we pride ourselves on delivering our local clients with an extensive selection of premium quality artificial grass that look too good to be true!

Each of our stunning lawn styles is backed by a 10-year market-leading warranty and are available in either 2 or 4-metre wide rolls, resulting in a lawn with less joins and an overall natural appearance. All our lawns also have a base layer which holds a dry looking glass. This is done to represent the presence of thatch and will further enhance the lawns overall natural look.

We understand that choosing the right type of artificial grass for your Adelaide property can be difficult. But our dedicated team of professionals are highly experienced and possess an abundance of industry knowledge which will help you make the perfect artificial grass selection for your Adelaide home or business. We know that you will be impressed with our selection of synthetic lawn, so be sure to get in contact with our fantastic Adelaide team for your free, no-obligation quote!

Adelaide Artificial Grass Installation 

When it comes to synthetic grass installation, you want to ensure that you are hiring a qualified and experienced professional. The reasoning behind this goes far beyond just looking good. Depending on your location, we offer on-site consultation to take into consideration design options and assess specific installation needs of the property.

A well experienced Termiturf professional will install your artificial lawn in such a way that ensures that your drainage is working, eliminating the risk of stagnant water.

Our installation process is simple and will cause minimal inconvenience to your routine. Our experienced team will be able to assess your designated area and provide you with trusted and quality advice that will ensure your Termiturf synthetic grass lasts for years to come.

If you’re looking to install Termiturf onto existing pavers or concrete we highly advise that you get one of our experienced installers to assist you with this to ensure the perfect fit and a long-lasting result, every time!

Tips for Looking After Your Adelaide Termiturf Lawn

Regular Brushing

In order to keep your Termiturf lawns appearance continually lush and appealing we recommend occasionally brushing your artificial turf with a garden broom. All brushing should be done in one direction to ensure that the grass blades are aligned the same way to enhance the overall presentation.


Your artificial lawn may get covered in garden debris from time to time. However, to keep your new lawn looking fantastic simply remove debris by hand or with a leaf blower!

The Occasional Weed

From time to time weeds may present themselves through your artificial lawns drainage holes. From our experience, these are easily removed by hand or by regularly raking or brushing your law. However, if you are situated in an area that is prone to weeds, we recommend using a weed treatment.


Termiturf has been designed to promote adequate drainage. This is achieved with the products perforated backing which allows excess water to drain from the surface. While water pooling may appear when Adelaide experiences a heavy downpour, this will typically dissipate once the rain stops.

If you opt for a professional installation from one of our accredited team, we will normally install your artificial lawn with a slight fall that will allow excess water to drain away from your home.


Termiturf grass blades are non-absorbent, meaning that liquids such as alcohol, juice and soft drinks are no major problem. Simply hose off with cold water, however, if they are persistent use warm soapy water and it will come straight off.

Liquids such as paint should be treated immediately. Water-based paints are easy to remove with water; however, oil-based paints should be removed with turpentine to protect the integrity of your grass.

Termiturf has been designed for enjoyment and is especially hard wearing to provide you with peace of mind!

In Need of Premium Artificial Grass for Your Adelaide Property? Termiturf is the Answer! 

If you’re in the market for premium quality, extremely low maintenance and lush artificial grass solution, Termiturf in Adelaide has the perfect solution for your residential or commercial property. Save yourself time and money and start enjoying your landscaping the way you always intended to. We guarantee that once you go with Termiturf artificial grass, you’ll never look back!

Be sure to get in contact with our friendly Adelaide team today; we look forward to being of service!

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