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Termiturf: the premier choice for artificial grass in Melbourne

Why Choose Termiturf for Artificial Grass in Melbourne

As climate change sees Melbourne’s temperatures soar, and household water bills continue to rise, synthetic grass is a no-brainer—creating a lush green lawn area in your outdoor space, all year through.

At Termiturf, our artificial grass is precision-engineered to create the appearance and texture of authentic lawn. Melbourne’s most-experienced installers will ensure that your synthetic grass is the envy of the neighborhood.

Termiturf has been the trusted name in artificial grass for more than twenty years so you can be certain of a flawless result, which exceeds your every expectation.

Why is synthetic grass the best option for your landscaping project?

Australia wasn’t termed the ‘sunburnt country’ for nothing; our capital cities suffer through heat extremes; Melbourne continues to break records for rain-scarcity, and temperature maximums; and our principal water supply, the mighty Murray, has fallen to dangerously low levels in the past.

Why choose Termiturf synthetic grass, specifically?

• Choose from an extensive range of premium colours and finishes;
• Exclusive dry-weave, creates the appeal of real lawn;
• We give you the option of self-installation, or relying on our experienced installers;
• Ten-year warranty on our artificial grass;
• Five-year warranty on installation.

Artificial grass: the flexible, sustainable option for every outdoor surface…

Termiturf synthetic grass is long-wearing and low-maintenance

Termiturf offers the finest turf on the market today, extending a ten-year guarantee on the integrity of our artificial grass…

The cleaner, greener option
Aesthetically speaking, there is no greater option than synthetic lawn. Farewell weeds, discolouration, muddy patches and upturned sections of lawn, due to digging pets. Our turf stands up exceptionally well to pet traffic and heavy use, and will remain green and plush, regardless of the weather. We guarantee our lawn against fading or discolouration, for ten years.

As our turf is permeable, it is virtually self-cleaning, as rainwater will trickle through the material, from top to bottom. You may occasionally wash your turf with water, and a mild, non-acidic detergent, in the case of a spill, but sun and water will usually take care of the cleaning for you.

Unrivalled appeal and exceptional variety
At Termiturf, Melbourne, we understand that you want your imitation lawn, to look like the real McCoy, that’s why we’ve sourced the finest available turf…

Choose professional installation, or DIY to save money
Termiturf Melbourne, gives you the option of DIY installation, if you want to reduce the cost of laying synthetic grass at your home…

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Support your local economy by choosing a proudly Australian-owned and operated business, for your next artificial grass project. We offer you a complimentary consultation and quote, and we will match any competitor’s genuine written quote.

Start enjoying your outdoor space, instead of labouring over it – the weekends are meant for leisure, not garden chores! Termiturf delivers a clean, green, attractive space, so that you can put the fun back into the outdoors and save yourself time and money.

No watering, no mowing and (virtually) no maintenance!

Contact us today to enjoy the easy outdoor lifestyle that you’ve always craved.

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