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Why Choose Termi Turf for Artificial Grass in Sunshine Coast

Without the stress, but with the look, artificial and synthetic grass products have been a popular choice for the residents of the Sunshine Coast. It is no secret that the weather conditions in this part of Australia can be somewhat unpredictable. If you are looking for a grass product that can sustain the wet and wild winters, and endure the ever-present, strong sun of Queensland, Termiturf are here to help you out.

In recent years, the implementation of artificial grass in new landscaping projects has allowed more freedom and reduced maintenance demands. The manufactured products that we install at Termiturf have a fantastic natural look and are incredibly durable. So, if you want to sit back and enjoy the sun, rather than having to worry about mowing the lawn, look no further.

With an emphasis on durability, our synthetic grass products will continue to look vibrant and practical for years to come. With a professional installation service like no other and a product that is designed to look like the real thing but without the hassle, you will absolutely adore your new synthetic lawn.

Sunshine Coast Artificial Grass Experts

At Termiturf, we showcase our decades of combined experience in products that are perfect for the Sunshine Coast conditions. Our product has been tried and tested, and we’ve successfully installed it in many unique applications at different locations, which all benefited from the new surface.

Our team will provide specific information about the products, and just how your Sunshine Coast property can benefit from artificial grass.

Minimal Fuss  With Artificial Lawn 

  At Termiturf, we understand just how time-consuming household maintenance can be. Our products have helped thousands of Australians free up their weekends by cutting down on the time it takes to maintain a natural lawn and reduce their water consumption in the warmer months. Whether you are building a new project, renovating or just looking to rejuvenate the outdoor area at your Sunshine Coast property, the team at Termiturf would love to help you out.

Termi Turf Sunshine Coast Artificial Grass Product Range!

At Termiturf Sunshine Coast, we offer advice and suggestions on our range of different options. With a number of different natural-looking grass styles, we are confident that there will be a product that suits your desired design and aesthetic function.

The home and business owners of Queensland will have access to our four unique artificial lawn styles and will be able to confidently match any property type.

Our exceptional and unique 10-year warranty covers our different synthetic grass products. We also offer our products in both two-metre and four-metre rolls, which means that you have the option to buy smaller widths should the proposed area be reasonably small. Our synthetic grass products are designed with a low sheen to mimic the look of a real natural lawn.

Making a permanent choice is always difficult, and at Termiturf Sunshine Coast, we understand this. It is our goal to help you select a product that suits your lifestyle and environment.

If you are unsure about which option suits your budget, we can provide you with a no obligation, free quote for your specific intended application.

Professional Synthetic Grass Installation

The installation of synthetic and artificial grass is paramount to its overall functionality. This is why you should only engage a professional service when starting this process. Our team can offer expert advice during the consultation phase that will ultimately affect which product and which layout will suit your property the best.

Our team will make all the considerations necessary to ensure that water drainage is effective and that you do not encounter any visual issues down the line. Our process is straightforward, and we aim to work around you and any other landscaping or construction project you may be completing.

Striving for efficiency, without sacrificing quality is what we do best. Rather than trying to complete this task by yourself, it is vital that you employ the assistance of our professional team at Termiturf. Not only do we know these materials, but we know the installation process!

Artificial Lawn Care and Maintenance

Light Brush – Now and then you may have to lightly brush your Termiturf product to ensure that it maintains its lush composition. A light garden broom swept in the same direction will ensure that the product maintains its natural look without damage.
Edge Weeding – Sometimes you may need to pull weeds from the synthetic grass area. Whether it is on the edges, or even breaking through the material from the drainage holes, this rare occurrence may happen in your environment. These weeds can be removed easily, and do not require the same ongoing attention as natural lawns.
Large Debris – Strong winds and excessive foliage are familiar to the Sunshine Coast environment. Every now and then you may find your new lawn area covered in larger branches and debris. Just remove these as soon as possible to ensure that they don’t permanently bend the individual blades.
Liquid Spill – If the material is subject to some form of liquid spill, (alcohol, juice, carbonated drinks), all you need to do is hose off the area to ensure that no lasting damage occurs.

Synthetic Grass Is Suitable for the Wet

Sunshine Coast is prone to heavy downpours during the winter. The synthetic grass products we offer are designed to ensure maximum drainage, as to not flood the area in the event of a downpour. Ensuring that you have the material is professionally installed will result in effective water runoff and minimal maintenance.

If you are in the market for the very best products in the world of artificial grass that will put the finishing touches on your commercial or residential property, look no further. To request a measure and quote and some information about products, call our team today.

Call Termiturf in Sunshine Coast today to find out how you can get started with your new artificial lawn project on 1300 550 604 

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