The New Face of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf

Why Fake Grass Isn’t What It Used to Be

Synthetic turf, also known commonly as ‘fake grass’, is no longer the bright green scratch pad that looks like someone’s office putting green. Technology has come a long way to make artificial turf virtually indistinguishable from real grass. Homes and businesses all over Australia are making the switch and you probably didn’t even notice.

Technological Innovations

There are two key innovations in artificial turf that have made all the difference for a natural appearance. The first is the advancements in installation to ensure that each strip of synthetic turf is snugly fitted next to each other without seams and that the feel beneath your feet feels exactly like soft, inviting ground.

The other massive breakthrough is the material used to create each artificial blade of grass. In the old days, this material was stiff and rigid, giving a scratchy feel. Today synthetic grass is individually formed for a light, giving grass blades that feel exactly like the real thing.

Why the Switch?

The biggest advantage of artificial turf obviously is the guarantee of a rich, green lawn year round. You no longer have to worry about water restrictions turning your grass into a yellow dry patch of land only for goat herds. Now you can have a beautiful garden with hardly any maintenance.

Artificial turf is easy to clean and maintain, with only a brief schedule each month. And remember, no mowing. That’s right, you’ll never need to start that stubborn mower, drag it all over your yard, and then stuff bags with itchy grass clippings into your bin.

You kids and pets will love it, too.

All Types of Varieties

Just like actual grass, synthetic surfaces come in a lot of different varieties to perfectly mirror and mimic actual types of grass. Below is a list of the specific varieties we stock at Termiturf:

  • The Grange: this prestigious option has a wider blade of synthetic grass that includes a beige coloured under tone. As the Grange ages and settles, it only gets better and better.
  • The Toorak: this low sheen lawn is ideal for leafy suburbs. It is virtually indistinguishable from actual seeded lawns, but with none of the maintenance hassles.
  • The Mayfair: this type of artificial grass mimics that low, freshly cut look. It has a neat and tidy appearance, which is great for activities and sport on the lawn.
  • The Lifestyle: the Lifestyle is designed for ease of maintenance, while keeping a vibrant look and feel. It is a shorter blade lawn and a great option for a garden on a budget.

These different types of lawns are tailored to the different needs of their respective owners, and each have their own unique features and appearance.

Find Out More About Artificial Turf Today

Termiturf is the best choice for artificial grass and turf for homes and businesses in Australia. Our team of turf experts can help you with all of the options and choices available when selecting the perfect artificial grass to suit your needs. Homeowners just like you have made the choice to remove the annoyance of mowing, bagging, and watering their yards for the convenience and ease of artificial turf.

Contact Termiturf today for more information by calling 1-300-550-604. Be sure to request a free, no obligation quote to match your lawn.

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