Water Facts and Resources

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Around 70% of our planet’s surface is water, so surely it’s not a resource we need to worry about, right?


The vast majority of water on the Earth’s surface (over 98 percent) is saline – or salty – water in the oceans. But it is the freshwater resources, such as the water in streams, rivers, lakes, and ground water that provide people (and all life) with most of the water we need to live. Australia is the driest inhabited continent, with a limited supply of fresh water…

Water must be used wisely if there is to be enough to meet the needs of future generations. Awareness about the amount of water used in everyday tasks is the first step in developing a responsible approach to water use.

The Australian Water Association has published a resource to help people understand water. From availability to water quality to recycling, it’s a huge topic! It includes some basic facts and figures as well as exploring some myths and ideas to help you understand water a little better.

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