Why Would I Consider Artificial Grass Instead of Real Lawn?

Artificial Grass

Artificial lawn is quickly gaining ground and a reputation for being a fantastic eco-friendly landscaping alternative because of the little to no maintenance requirements. The newest generation of artificial turf often looks so good; you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s the real thing.

If you’re not one for yard work or live in a climate that’s got you leaving one arm permanently attached to the hose, you may be considering switching to artificial turf. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve listed a few reasons why synthetic grass is a great lawn alternative for your property.


Real lawn requires maintenance. At a minimum, you’ll need to keep on top of mowing and remove fallen leaves and other debris throughout the colder months. However, maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn requires more than just the minimum care.

Lush lawns typically require fertilisation as well as a good irrigation system to prevent drying out over the hot Australian summers. Artificial lawn takes away all of your maintenance worries.

Not only does your artificial turf not require mowing, fertilising or irrigation, but you are also safe from attracting insect pests. Grass that happens to get dirty is easily cleaned with a quick spritz of water, reducing the amount of dirt and mud brought inside your home. Meaning there is more time for you to spend enjoying your lawn!

Look and Feel 

A common concern people have regarding a lawn alternative is the look and feel of the grass. In today’s market, manufacturers incorporate multi-coloured blades into their artificial turf, to create a natural, variegated look. While the turf can feel different to natural grass, high-quality imitations are soft and prove comfortable to walk on.

At Termiturf we have an extensive range of premium quality artificial turf to choose from, with a special dry-grass weave for added realism.

Save Time & Money

Artificial lawns are a fantastic way to ensure your property has green grass all year round without the worry of watering, fertilising, watering or re-seeding. Our turf comes in two roll options, of two or four meters, meaning fewer joinery points, providing an extra level of natural beauty.

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There you have it. We think the benefits speak for themselves. If you’ve still got questions don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are a proudly owned and operated Australian business. Our belief in our products is so strong that we offer all of our customers a service promise, backed up by our tried and tested quality control process. Just imagine how your lifestyle can benefit from having a beautiful, lush lawn all year round.

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