Why You Should Fake It with Synthetic Grass

When most people think of synthetic turf, they think of the bristly, hard putting greens of the 1980s. These older-style surfaces can barely be walked on with bare feet and looked very unnatural. Those were the old days.

All types of artificial lawns today utilise new techniques and cutting-edge technologies to look beautiful, vibrant, and natural. The only way to tell synthetic grass from a living, growing lawn is that artificial lawns look perfect year round.

Homeowners from all over Australia are making the switch. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, or Brisbane and how much or how little rain you get each year – artificial grass will drastically improve your home’s curb appeal as well as save you time and money.

You might be thinking right now: Wait a second, how does synthetic grass save me time and money? I still have to pay for it to be installed, right? How much could a naturally growing lawn actually cost? Glad you asked, because you will be surprised.

Saves you money on Gardening Tools

First, let’s take an inventory of everything you need to maintain your lawn. Let’s take a quick tour of your garage and shed: lawnmower, petrol, whipper snipper, edger, and more. The equipment alone can easily get into the thousands of dollars. Now let’s look as the consumables that are needed to match the perfect colour and look of an artificial lawn. Fertilizers, water, weed killers, clippings bags, and more. That total is growing more by the second.

No more Yellow Patches

Let’s spend a second on water. Because Australia is such a dry country, it’s difficult to keep our lawns nice and green all year round. If we don’t spend the required effort maintaining our lawn – like watering it three times a week, yellow patches will very easily develop.

We know that water is by far our most precious resource. We have droughts that last decades. Even with a rainwater tank, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to store enough grey water to keep all of your garden and lawn healthy and green.

Experts from around the world estimate that each square metre of artificial lawn saves up to 2.2 kilolitres a year. Even taking a small lawn of 40 square metres, front and back, that’s an amazing 88 kilolitres of water saved each year.

That’s real savings not only for you, but for all of Australia. Imagine the difference that could make.

Get Creative with Synthetic Turf – without spending time on Lawn Maintenance

There are a lot of different and creative things you can do with artificial grass that Australian homeowners are doing right now. Apartments, hotels, and homeowners are adding artificial grass to their balcony or roof entertaining area. It’s a great feature that brings a natural feel to the heart of the city.

Another idea is to create the perfect putting green in your own backyard. Just imagine the strokes you’ll take off of your game by having a practice hole just outside the back door. Finally, city councils are using artificial grass for nature strips to save on manpower from maintenance and water while maintaining a beautiful city or town vista year round.

Artificial grass has come a long way since the early days. If you’re tired of yellow spots in your lawn or dirt patches, consider making the switch to synthetic turf. Contact Termiturf – synthetic lawn suppliers – on 1 300 550 604 to book an appointment for an obligation-free quote.

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